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A'Bra, Bearer of the Light.

On the fields of Babalon, in the Koyote grove, the Dragon called a conclave of stars. Unto the conclave the Dragon said "Let us go to the sigil well, that we my draw forth a new djinn to be about the work of the sonick temple."

"To what end," the Dragon asked the conclave. " What shall this djinn's Great work be?"

In the conclave arose a murmuring as the stars tried to come to agreement as to their desire for the djinn to fulfill. Then one from the Assembly of the Feathered Serpent said "The zombies are getting pretty bad out there, we should send the djinn out to awaken them from their slumber." The Dragon thought on this, and agreed that this would be a truly a great work. So, too, did the conclave come into agreement, and declared together their desire.

Now it was time for the ritual of the name. For this ritual, the conclave would evoke the journey of the fool around the sun. Within the sun was the throne of the Council of the Elements. Then did the stars become a parade of fools, spinning and turning about the chamber of the sun. The fools' song playing, getting faster and faster, faster and faster... until at last, the Dragon called for the meeting of the Council of the Elements. Each fool scampered about, trying to win a seat on the council, until the four council members were seated.

Then did the Dragon call to the council to give him the name. Each council member revealed to the Dragon their letter of the name. And, lo, it was given that the name of the djinn would be ABRA!

Now came the time to open the temple and give birth to the djinn.

The Dragon standing at the sonick altar called to order the temple, opened the gates, cleansed the temple, called the formless one, called the father & the mother, gave the baptism and signed the charter for A'Bra's great work. Each of the conclave was called forth to sign the charter as well. With the charter signed, A'Bra set forth to do the Great Work.


On the Sigil of A'Bra, and the symbols there of:

After the conclave, with the song of A'Bra in his heart, the Dragon set to work making the sigil of A'Bra. Pulling out The Book of Dream Names, he studied the letters of the name. With study, he found the glyph that would form the sigil.

On his head is the helmet of Will. His robes are the robes of pure Kaos majik. In his hands, he carries The Staff of Gnosis and Study, from which he carries The Lamp of the Sun.

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