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The First Veil - Yol'Caco


On his journey through the Algolian desert, Olfo came up on a camp in the night.

Around a central fire, were many tents. As he got closer, he could see that the camp was of the purple trybe. Then, he was set upon by guards of the camp.

"Halt! Who goes there?" asked the leader of the guards.

"I am but a simple fool, in search of Azainti, that I may receive the crown of a magician", answered Olfo.

"Then you most dance the dance of the fifty veils, in this you may at last find Azainti," answered an elder of the camp. "Come unto the purple veil, that you may learn the first dance," he continued.

Olfo was shown into the camp. About the fire were merrymakers, engaged in every form of pleasure that the mind could imagine. Even some things that Olfo, in all his foolish ways, had never thought of. He was lead to a tent with a purple veil on the door. The veil was moved to the side just enough for him to pass inside....

Within the tent, he performed the the ritual of name. He blessed himself with corrupted water, corrupted the flame then he gave the formation of Algol. From the smoke of the black flame, came the name and sigil of the the djinn of the first veil. He spoke her name and gave her sign, and thus did Yol'Caco enter into the tent.

In his foolish ways, he asked her to dance, and they danced. Through the night of dreams, they danced, their bodies becoming one, their bodies becoming done. In the purple light, higher than sight, they danced. The danced, until in exhaustion, Olfo fell to the bed. As he lay there, about to fall into a deep slumber, she entangled her body with his, rubbing herself on him. Fighting to stay awake long enough to enjoy her, he was beyond the point where he could even move.

Then in orgasmic moans, she whispered in his ear:

"Dissolve your mind,

Destroy old patterns of growth,

Change your mode of struggle,

Dissolve your Ego...

This is the key of becoming a great lover."

As Olfo passed out, she buried his face in her massive breasts. Thus, he heard her heartbeat and the song of the first veil...

So what is this? My year long working that I am calling "Book of Azainti" is a Algolian mirror of the Kabbalistic ritual "Fifty Gates of Understanding."

While studying the fifty gates ritual, I found that one of the forms of the structure of the working is that of the kabbalah tree of life below the abyss, with each of the Sephiroth also holding a tree of Malkuth to Chesed. This gives you the first forty-nine gates, and the fiftieth being Binah. This gives us an image that we can reflect in the dark mirror of Algolian majik.

For this working, we look at the planetary energies of the Sephiroth: Malkuth being Terra, Chesed being Jupiter and Binah being Saturn.

In the Algolian desert, the eight trybes are also linked to planetary energy: Purple being Terra, Blue being Jupiter and Black being Saturn.

Thus, we find the scheme of the Azainti working. This week being the Purple veil of the Purple trybe.

So, what is the majik of the Purple trybe? Let's look at the booklet for "The Book of Dream Names" and see what it says: "Terra - Sex Majik... The Wine of Inspiration... The manifestation of the fermentation... Creation of the new... Divine Union/Lustful/Lively"

There we have it. This is sex majik! Now, we should not only think of this as dealing with the physical act of sex, but also with divine union or the creation of something new. Yes, this is the lovely woman moaning in pleasure, and it is also the muse calling to the painter. It is hot nights in tents of the flesh, and it is also days of making magick disks. Any act of union or creation is a form of sex majik.

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