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The Second Veil - Qac'Dek

Upon awaking from his slumber, Olfo head out of the tent of the first veil. The camp was still engrossed in the seeking of pleasure of all sorts. There, waiting for him, was the elder he had met when he arrived, "Greetings! As you have danced the dance of the purple veil, I invite you to join us in the Feast of Pleasure. Come, enjoy yourself and take your pleasure as you will."

With the lesson of the first veil in his mind, Olfo did greatly feast, taking and giving great pleasure. He feasted for sometime, but after a while he began to wonder when he would dance the next veil. He found the elder and asked when he was to dance the next veil, to which the elder replied, "When it pleases you. When it gives you pleasure to dance, dance. In our trybe, we do what gives you pleasure until you wish to seek another pleasure."

To this Olfo replied, "Then, I think it would give me pleasure to dance the next veil."

Olfo was shown to a tent with a yellow veil over the door. Entering the tent, Olfo found a hall of mirrors. The tent was dark, but deep within he could see a fire. This must be where I am to perform the ritual of the name, he thought to himself, and journeyed inward. The hall twisted and turned, sometimes the light got darker, sometimes brighter. He journeyed inward, the sound of the camp outside became more and more quiet, broken with echos of pleasure. He journeyed inward.

After a while, he came to the center of the tent where there was a ritual chamber, with the water and the flame. He began the Ritual of the Name, blessing himself with unclean water and making unclean the flame. Then, he made the formation of the Algol. When he was done he looked to the smoke to see the name, but there was no name. He took a deep breath and did the ritual again. Still, no name appeared. In the muffled echos of the camp, he thought he heard someone say, "Dance!" To which he replied, "I have no one to dance with." Again he heard, "Dance!" So, he danced about the chamber.

After a while of dancing he called out, "Show yourself, djinn, that I may dance with you!"

There was no reply. He danced on. The light of the flame cast strange shadows all about him, and he danced on. When he was tired from dancing and frustrated from not having the name of the djinn, he remembered the words of Yol'Caco. With that, he destroyed the mirror around him, destroying himself. In the reflection of falling glass he peered into the smoke, and in it was the name Qac'Dek.

Calling the name, he looked around for the djinn to appear, but he did not appear. Frustrated, he hung his head in sorrow. There, in the pieces of broken glass, he caught the reflection of his third eye, in which he saw himself reflected. His reflection began to speak with the words of Qac'Dek.

"Fix your vision upon a Love that's stable,

May your changing Will be crystallized,

May your Limits be completely dissolved,

And from this spark, may your Mind be transformed,

That you may clearly see yourself."

Upon hearing these words, Olfo fell into a deep slumber. As he lay there, in the broken glass on the floor, Olfo heard the echos of the drums beating out the heartbeat of Qac'Dek

For this week of the working, we find ourselves in the yellow veil of the purple trybe. In Algolian majik, yellow is the color of Luna.

What does the booklet for "The Book of Dream Names" say of Luna? "Luna - Ego Majik, purification of instincts, the Yellowing, beginning of fermentation, start of growth mirroring the majik will. Spirit passive, changing that which is within you, wisdom/incoherent/Imaginative..."

To find the lesson of this veil, we have to look within. This is the way of creation. When we destroy the 'ego,' then we are free to really see ourselves, the truer "I" or Ego. By learning to lessen to those small voices echoing in our head, we can better reflect our magical will in any act of creation.

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