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The Third Veil - Wati-Bé

Awakening in a pile of broken mirrors, Olfo began to leave. Then, on instinct, knowing not why, he collected a bit of the glass and put it in his pouch. Leaving the tent, he sought out the elder, and told him he wished to be shown to the next veil.

"If it be your pleasure," replied the elder.

Olfo was shown to a tent with an orange veil over the door.

Within the tent, thick incense smoke filled the space. It was so thick that sight was almost completely obscured. Fireflies of every color flew about the tent, dancing in and out of Olfo's field of vision. Olfo noticed the blinking of the fireflies pulsing out a rhythm. With that, Olfo began to dance.

It is said that the true mysteries are incommunicable, and thus, is the dance of the third veil.

Before the night was over, Olfo had a magical glass disk with a sigil, and in his magic journal was written:

"Meditate upon the mystery, setting your mind on the work,

Find the center of yourself, setting your instinct on the work,

Gather unto you, pieces for which to create the tools for the work,

With this, perfect your will, for that is the great work!"


The third veil is the orange veil of the purple trybe. This is Mercury of Earth. In the booklet, "The Book of Dream Names," for mercury, it is written: "Academic Majik, distillation knowledge, the refining of thought, circulation of the Light, seeking true gnosis, knowledge/unemotional/objectivity."

In this veil, is distilled the knowledge of making the magic weapon of earth, the magic disk. The nature of the great work is also shown.

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