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The day of the Dead.

Let us now speck of the Black Trybe, the "Death" cards in The Book of Dream Names.

"Black Trybe

Majik: Death

Planetary energy: Saturn

Life Journey/Career & Family:Addresses your parents and ancestors, the journey of life (including your career), getting out in the world to make things happen, your ability to get and give help, and to create synchronizations.

Contribution:How would others rate your contribution to society, or to them, as individuals?

Saturn - Death Majik, great mystery. The Blackening, burning away the dross. Knowlage and mastery of your limits. Maturity/Fearful/Patient"

The Death cards remind us to focus on what is important in life, the connections we make. Love with all your heart. Hold your family close. Always remember that life is a journey, and "Journey Well".

Ancestors are not always those that we share blood with, but also those we share a majik bond with. The same can be said of family.

One of the things I always loved about Papa Ghede, is that he teaches us to enjoy live while we can.

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