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a Majikal Record of my Transformation

"It is absolutely necessary that all experiments should be recorded in detail during, or immediately after, their performance."-Liber E

A long with Intermittent Fasting/Keto, I have also started training harder at the gym. My current training week is a 6 day cycle of 5 days in gym then 1 day off. Doing split day training of: Arms&Shoulders; Core; Legs; Chest&Back; HIIT Cardio.

For set and rep I am doing a 3 week cycle: week 1- 6 sets of 7 rep; week 2- 6 sets of 5; week 3- 6 sets of 3 then back to week 1. As reps going down weight goes up. The 6 sets I am doing 3 supersets of 2, do the first set change weight and do second set with out resting. The first set in the superset is done just below the max for that rep range and the second done at max for that rep range. Set 1&2 and 3&4 are done normal but on 5&6 I make them more intense. Set 5 the last rep I use eccentric overload then on set 6 I go to fell. If I make the target rep on set 6 then when I drop the reps the next week then the high weight from this week become the low weight for that week. If I do not hit the target reps on set 6 then the next week I will use the same weight. If set 6 on week 3 hits target reps then when I cycle back to week1 I will use the weight from week2, if not I will use the same weight I did this week 1.

After every workout, except HIIT Cardio day, I do sprints on the epileptic. doing 11 min, first 2 mins is just a warm up, then the first 15 seconds I push it as fast as I can then the last 45 seconds I slow down to let my heart rate come back down.

Then every workout do this:

and this

And then do stretching and yoga.

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