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The Book of Dream Names App Dev

I have begone the work of creating a App for The Book of Dreams Names - Sigil Oracle. For now I am in the alpha stage of development. I have the base function of being able to click on a deck and it dealing you cards, you can share the reading and you can set how many cards you want in the reading. There are two other main function I want to work before I am ready for beta release 1: a Sigil design page where you take the glyph from the cards and make a sigil; 2: a page that gives you the meaning of the cards and reading.

One of the features of the the sigil oracle, is that each card has 3 different energy fields, that are balance with the energy of the other cards in the reading. No card, or energy of the card, is in itself good or bad, it must be looked at in contexts. This is one of the things giving me trouble in writing the book for the deck and one of the trouble I see in making the app. You can not look at just the one card but every card in the reading and how it inter plays with the Balance of energy. For this I am going to have to do some deep diving it Graph and Node structure as well and matrix mathematics... but in the end I shall have a dynamic app where you never get he same reading twice.

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