“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”

Sigil Order Form 

 Sigil Oracle Reading  $20/ half hour

{basic reading about half hour}

Sonick Sigil                 $25/ half hour

{making sonick sigil about half hour}

Both  (save 12%)        $40/ half hour

{basic reading with sonick sigil about hour}

Hyper-Sigil:                  $72/hour

[video sigil and sonick sigil and  a binaural beat, like the Lilith video here]

{for dscreption of trybes see  About Sigil Reading }

Thanks! You will recive invoce with link for payment.

Book of Dream Names


An Algolian Sigil Oracle

In the name of Zwc-D'He [A powerfull Djinn, called forth from the Flaming lake of Sulfer, in the Desert of the Void. The guardian of the Book of Dream Names.] Call forth the name and sigil of the Djinn to fulfill your Desire,Will & Belief.

Book of Dream Names is a sigil oracle deck by Akho Udinbak, Magister of Ordo Algol (the Kaos Majik subOrder of The Order of Phosphorus) .

The Book of Dream Names, is a deck of 72 cards. Each card is one of the 24 letters in Akho's alphabet of Desire, Will & Belief. Each card has a planetary energy which is tied to a domain of kaos Majik (Sol=Will, Saturn=Death, Jupiter=Wealth, Venus=Love, Luna=Ego, Terra=Sex, Mercury=Academic,Mars=War) and a Alchemy phase (Sulphur, Mercury & Salt)