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Battle Plan

In the past, Babalon Rising has been the climax of one great work and the beginning of a new one. At the feast, I strive to be my highest embodiment of the energy of that year. Then, I take all that power gained at Babalon and focus it on the transformation into the new embodiment. This year is no different. I was truly a fool amongst fools, with joy and beauty in my foolish ways. But now, I must take all this folly and find wisdom.

Let me be Crowned with Understanding, that I may make the transformation into a Magician!

So how am I, a simple fool, going to be able to do this? I don't know the exact date of Babalon 2018, but it is in about 50 weeks. So, this work could be seen as a "50 Gates of Understanding" ritual. The work will begin on this coming Wednesday, as I started Babalon on Wednesday of this year, and I'm sure I will again next year. Every week, I will start with a reading from The Book of Dream Names. Then, I will take the djinn and its sigil and I will make a Sonick Sigil for it. By Tuesday, I will make a blog post explaining the djinn, its powers/energy and have the Sonick Sigil completed for it. For a daily working, I will do eight minutes of asana, followed by a meditation on one of the cards from The Book of Dream Names.

When I was studying the Thoth tarot, I had just read Castaneda's book, "The Teaching of Don Juan," and one idea that stuck with me is making allies with magical tools. I had talked to the spirit of Thoth daily to make it my ally. So, too, now, I will to have a daily talk with the djinn of the The Book, so that I shall make them my allies.

I have two major goals for the year. First, is to finish writing, and get published, the book for my sigil oracle deck and the Sonick Sigil system. Next, I will transform my body. When I did my Beast working, I went from 265 down to 200 pounds. Now, I find myself back at 245 pounds, and I can feel the difference. My energy level is not as high, and I do not have the stamina that I once had. If this was your first year at Babalon with me, it may not seem like it, but once I was even more energetic and could go all night long. To that end, I am going to go to the gym at least three times a week, change my eating habits to reduce added sugars and do yoga again.

All this is minimum, to this shall be added weekly and daily rituals, and I am sure I will end up working out more than that.

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