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After Drums in the Swamp, in April, I saw a picture of myself at Drums and decide it was time to change my body. I changed how I was eating and got back in the gym. At the end of may, right before Babalon Rising, I set a goal for myself to get back down to 200lb before Babalon 2019. That's about 1lb per week. 6 1/2 weeks ago I started intermittent fasting. Eating 4 hours a day and fasting 20hr. This I have been doing everyday. And the other day did a 44hr fast. A couple weeks into my intermittent fasting I went on to set my goals and they cool tool were you put in your stats and choose a physique and it tells you what weight you need to get to and how much muscle you need to build to get it. So it says I need to get down to 191 and build 10lb of muscle. So now I am down to only 22lbs to lose. Time to change again and focus on building more muscle, which means I will need to eat more then I have been, but there are a lot of advantage to training while fasted... So I am going to make my fasting more intermittent. I will be fasting 3 days a week on the days I do heavy lifting, then 2 days a week doing the pf 30 circuit training which is low weight high rep. Then out of the gym two days a week. The days after the heavy lifting days will be eating higher protein to help body rebuild, this will create protein cycling which helps protein synthesis. All of this should help transfrom fat to muscle. 

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