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Excerpt from "The Book of Dream Names"

Intro Greetings to you, dreamer. Welcome to my oasis in the desert of The Void. Set by my fire, that I may impart to you the gnosis of The Book of Dream Names. But what is this book? It is An Algolian Sigil Oracle. This does not make any clearer what the book is? Ok then, let us begin at the end and work our way back and see if it makes the waters less murky. First we can say that it is an oracle, in much the same way that tarot is an oracle. Like the tarot it is a source of knowledge, wisdom, or prophecy . Also, like the tarot, it is a deck of cards. The cards are shuffled, and dealt out in a way meant to reveal concealed knowledge. From the symbols on the cards one may gain wisdom of what is to come and how best to achieve the most desirable result. In the tarot the cards have images that related to occult energies and concepts. In this book, each card has a letter in the name of a djinn, or spirit or whatever term you prefer to use, and also a glyph for its sigil. Next one may ask “what is a sigil”. A sigil is a sign or image that is supposed to have magical power. In medieval ceremonial magic a sigil, or sigillum (Latin for seal), was used to summon angels and demons. With this book we will build sigils for use in much the same way. One of the core elements of Chaos Magic (Kaos Majik) is sigilization. Sigilization is the technique popularized by Austin Osman Spare, by which words and statements of intent may be turned into simple designs. This is how we shall turn the glyphs of the cards into seals for the djinn of the book. Finally let me explain what I mean when I say Algolian. An Algolian is a member of Ordo Algol (O.A.). This I am sure will leave many still wondering what an Algolian is. So let us pull back another veil, O.A. is the kaos majik sub-order of The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH). The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH) is an initiatic body of the Luciferian Tradition presented in the works of Michael W. Ford and associated Adepts. The Luciferian Tradition is founded on several key texts which define the philosophy and specialized corpus of magickial practice known commonly as the “Adversarial Path”, “Adversarial Current” and “Luciferian Magick”. The Tradition itself is derived from numerous sorcerous traditions and specialized arts which allow the teachings, symbols and integration of the seeker towards the wisdom and power within the Luciferian Path.  The Book of Dream Names is the result of my O.A. degree work in the degrees known as The Void. As such many of the underlining principles and structures of the book are that of an Algolian nature. Now that we have come to a little clearer understanding of what the book is we are about ready to begin this night’s lesson. Before we go further I have one important note. In both Kaos Majik and the Adversarial Path, belief is seen as tool used to help give your majik form and shape. The same is true of myth. Throughout this night I shall speak of “calling forth a djinn of one of the 8 trybes of kaos from the desert of the void”, this is build on mystic mythos gained from work with the O.A. current. It is the expression of a formula” {work with} {spirit} of {hierarchy} from {spirit’s home plan} “. If the mythos makes it harder for you to work with the system, change it. If you feel more comfortable saying “evoking an angel of a choir from heaven” or “summoning a demon of the host from hell” then do it. This IS Kaos Majik! Work with the djinn as you wilt. Now come closer to the fire. Eat and drink as you will. Now I shall transmit unto you the gnosis of The Book of Dream Names. 

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